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Men's Summer Adult Basketball


May 20 - June 12 

Must come in and register in main office.

Online registration is not available!


Adults 18 and older AND have graduated from high school 5 vs 5 Basketball

Age Control Date: Age on or before January 1

Registration Fee:

$400 per team ($50 a player if you sign up individually) team captain must come into Rome Recreation and deposit $100 to reserve a spot in the league. All team captains and players MUST sign a sportsmanship agreement that entails all paid participants and volunteers treat other teams, RFPRD officials, and workers with respect.


**$400 does not include jerseys** Teams must provide their own uniforms. Can simply be a solid color T-Shirt with legal jersey number on front & back. six-inch printed numbers. All team names must be approved by league Sports Coordinator and may not contain any derogatory statements or involve the use of drugs, violence, or sexual remarks.


Roster Size:

7 Players minimum, 10 player’s maximum

Season Outline:

Teams will receive (2) two preseason games. (6) Six regular season games. Season will conclude with a playoff tournament, single elimination bracket.

Potential Game Nights: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings


*Registration does not guarantee a spot on the league. Placement will be a result based on number of teams. This applies to participants who register individually (free agent).


Contact Information

Jay Houston