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Adult Basketball

Spring and Summer

Must come in and register in main office.

Online registration is not available.


Registration Starts: Jan 3

Registration Ends: June 3

League Starts: June 13


Adults 18 and older AND have graduated from high school

Age Control Date: Age on or before January 1


5 vs. 5 

Registration Fee:

$500 per team

Team captain must come into office and a pay in full to reserve a spot in the league. All team captains and players MUST sign a sportsmanship agreement  before being allowed to play in the league.


Registration fees do not cover jersey costs. Teams must provide their own uniforms. Uniforms can be as simple as a solid color t-shirt with legal jersey number on front and back with six-inch printed numbers.


All team names must be approved by Sports Coordinator and may not contain any derogatory statements or involve the use of drugs, violence, or sexual remarks.


Roster Size:

7 Players minimum, 12 players maximum

Potential Game Nights:

Tuesday and Thursday (6 p.m. - 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.)


1. What if I don't have a team to play on?
You may still sign up without a team by filling out the registration form. Individual players will be able to have a free agent pick-up night and form a team. 
2. Is it possible to have a team sponsor?
We encourage all teams to find sponsors. A sponsor can help offset some of the costs. Teams wanting a sponsor need to fill out a sponsorship request form. 

Contact Information

Jeremiah Blanton

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