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Virtual Harbin Clinic Leprechaun-a-thon Announced

Bringing warm weather, sunshine and the sights and smells of springtime, the month of May provides the perfect environment for outdoor activity. Harbin Clinic and Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation are teaming up to motivate the community to participate in family-friendly exercise by playing host to a virtual 5k. Despite being cancelled in March, the community is invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in May by running (or walking) in the virtual Leprechaun-a-thon 5k and Shamwalk.

A change in routine and heightened stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic makes healthy activity and time outdoors especially important. The virtual Leprechaun-a-thon is a fun and simple event that encourages physical exercise, follows important health guidelines and brings the community together in a festive way.

“We know that everyone has been cooped up now for several weeks, and we think this is a great way to encourage everyone to get some exercise,” Todd Wofford, RFPRA Director says.

Race participation is open to the general public, and those who registered for the original race are eligible to win awards. Runners and walkers can complete their distance anytime between May 5 and 16 and can be completed from any location or treadmill. Harbin Clinic and Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation encourages participants to practice safe social distancing and adhere to public health guidelines during exercise.

For those competing for an award, Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation requests that runners and walkers use a fitness app or tracker to chart their distance and time. Once participants finish their distance, they will need to capture a photo of the time and distance on the device, as well as a photo of themselves before, during or after the run or walk. Submissions should include name, age, gender and run time and be sent via email to by 2 p.m. on May 16 to be eligible for an award.

Not competing for an award? Participants are invited to submit their completed time and photos in their 2020 Leprechaun race shirt or in festive St. Patrick’s (May) Day gear to receive a finisher’s certificate.

Overall winners and age group winners will be posted online at Winners will also be contacted via email and provided information on when and where to pick up their awards.

For more information on the virtual race, check out the FAQ at

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