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Recreation Baseball

Our baseball program is dedicated to helping build athletic skills in youth through learning the fundamentals of baseball and the development of confidence and a sense of teamwork.
Spring Registration
Early Registration: Jan. 2 to Feb. 2: $65
Regular Registration: Feb. 3 to Feb. 16: $75
Last-chance Registration: Feb. 17 to Feb. 21: $90
Fall Registration
Early Registration: Jan. 2 to July 19: $65
Regular Registration: July 20 to Aug. 2: $75
Last-chance Registration: Aug. 3 to Aug. 7: $90
If you miss the registration deadline, and wish to participate, please call the Recreation Department at 706-291-0766 to add your player’s name to a wait list.
Age Groups

T-Ball 4 & 5-year old’s (Co-Ed)
5 & 6-year old’s: Rookie League

8U Baseball - Coach Pitch
10U Baseball - Player Pitch

12U Baseball - Player Pitch

14U Baseball - Player Pitch

Age Control Date: 
On or Before September 1st of current year
6U Rookie League (Co-Ed):

For boys and girls ages 5 and 6. Rookie League will give players an opportunity to learn to hit the ball, run bases and to experience the defensive fielding positions. Coaches will lightly pitch the ball to their batter. If the batter unable to make contact with the ball then he/she will receive the opportunity to hit the ball off a tee.

*It’s recommended that players player at least one year of T-Ball before playing in the Rookie League

2019 Baseball Bat Standards
View a list of approved bats for 7U, 9U and 11U leagues here.

Bats must meet USA Baseball Bat Standards – barrels cannot exceed 2- 5/8 in diameter. Approved Bat List: https://usabat.com/

a. Look for the USA Baseball logo on the taper of a bat to know it is approved. Approved youth bats are 27” -32” with barrel diameters up to 2 5/8”.

13U League:

Look for the USA Baseball logo or USSSA logo on the taper of a bat to know it is approved. Approved youth bats are 27” -32” with barrel diameters up to 2 5/8”. The Length shall be 36” of less. The bat shall not weigh numerically more than 5 ounces less than the length (DROP 5). 2 ¼ bats are not allowed in these divisions. In GRPA tournaments Drop 5 bats are not allowed only Drop 3 bats.