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Parky & Rex

Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation would like to announce the recent addition of two new employees, Parky the squirrel and Rex the retriever.


Parky and Rex are now the official mascots of Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation. There have been many rumors about how Parky and Rex ended up at RFPRA, but the best were told by two Unity Christian School fourth grade students.


A writing competition was opened for all fourth grade students in Rome and Floyd County and the winner was Caden Larrabee. The runner-up in the competition was Abigail Hillesheim.


Parky’s New Friend


By: Caden Larrabee


Once there was a squirrel named Parky. He lived in Rome, Georgia. He had no friends. Every day he took a walk in the park enjoying the great sounds of the birds. But one day he heard a new sound “Woof! Woof! Woof!” it went.


Parky was horrified. He ran as fast as he could until he came to a big tree. Parky ran up the tree but right below him a big dog barked, “Woof! Woof! Woof!”


The dog kept barking until a person yelled “No Rex” Rex stopped.

The next day when Rex came to the park he sat by the same tree Parky was in the day before. When Parky went on his daily walk he walked right by Rex.  He noticed and said, “Hello.”


“Hi”, said Parky.


“Do you want to be friends?”, asked Rex.


“How could I be friends with someone who tried to kill me?”, said Parky.


“I didn’t mean to”, said Rex.


“Ok we can be friends”, said Parky.


“Great”, said Rex. So, the next day Rex ran away to live with Parky. And that is where they are today. The same place, they became friends in.






“Moooom!” Parky Squirrel yelled from upstairs “What am I supposed to pack in my suitcase if I already have a box with clothes in it?” “Sweetie,” Mom said with a chuckle, “Pack what you’ll need at Gramp’s  and Gram’s house, Dear!” “But my favorite shirt is in my box of clothes.” “ Then improvise, Honey Bun.” “Impro-what?” “Improvise, Sweet Cakes,” Mom replied. “It means…” She had barely started when Parky burst out “It means to tell your mom to get you more clothes!” “Oh Parky, Darling,” Mom said to herself.


You see, Parky’s  father had a new job(he was formerly an acorn collector for Arnold’s Acorn Company, a company that produced any sort of food with acorns…and nuts in it.). They were going to stop at Gramp’s and Gram’s house on the way to Rome, Georgia.


“Rosy stop fussing! I have to put your collar on, and I can’t if you behave like this!” “Rexy, please hurry up. We’re gonna be late for the Bark Bus!” “I know, Mom,” the struggling Rex replied. “Rosy…umph…will…ow…not… hey…stop…you little…fidgeting!”

Now, Rex was also moving to Rome, but for a different reason. Their home was a little too small for them and they found a perfect little house in Rome, Georgia. And this was, in a way how Parky and Rex got to know each other.

2 WEEKS LATER… “Mama, can I go to the park?” Rosy Retriever asked Mama Retriever. “Well…” Mama Retriever hesitated for a moment. “Well, only if Rexy goes with you.” (She called Rex Retriever Rexy)

 SOON AFTERWARD… “Mom, can I go to the park?” Parky Squirrel asked Mother Squirrel. “Sure, Darling,” Mother Squirrel replied. “But make sure to be home by lunch!” “I wonder if I’ll meet any new…hey! DOOOG!! Run!” “Woof, Woof!”

Parky bolted up a tree. The dog he’d spotted was…Rex Retriever!


Parky stared down in horror at the “creature” down below. To his surprise, it said “Hey, how about being friends?” “Hey, great idea!” “So friend-um Rex, should we…uh, chase some cats? Like, I mean uh, that’s what you do.” “Yeah,” Rex replied.


“Well, I was thinking we’d…uh you know, like collect those, um, uh nuts and bolts…uh, nuts and acorns?” “Well don’t you have to worry about trees and sticks?” “Okay, its fleas and ticks, person! Uh Parky, I think…(sorry)” “Hey, we could go have a picnic with our families!” “And go on an adventure with our friends!” “Yes!” “Let’s go!”

“Wait! There are so many great parks in Rome! How will we ever choose just one?” “Well, we could go to the…um, let’s ask my little sister, Rosy!” The picnic was wonderful. It ended up being a surprise for the grown-ups, and they LOVED it!

But perhaps you would like to know a thing or two more. Parky and Rex were always great friends and they made lots of new friends. They loved to stay fit and had many adventures together in the Rome-Floyd parks!


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