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Staff Directory


Todd Wofford  Meet Todd

Admin  Meet the Team

Brooke Turner, Office Manager


Breelynn Brooks, Administrative Specialist

Sports Division  Meet the Team

Jeremiah Blanton, Sports Manager

Blake Lambert, Assistant Sports Manager

Adam Mull, Sports Coordinator

Faith Mount, Sports Coordinator

Pam Hobbs, Admin Specialist


Special Services Division  Meet the Team

Lindsey Jones, Special Services Manager

Chloe Schuttinga, Head Gymnastics Coach and Coordinator

Mina Garcia, Special Services Coordinator

Recreation Services Division  Meet the Team

Jim Alred, Recreation Services Manager

Tammy Bryant, Assistant Recreation Services Manager

Bradley Kirk, Recreation Program Coordinator

Parks  Meet the Team

Brock Coogler, Division Supervisor

John Davis, Division Supervisor

Kevin Baker, Division Supervisor

Steven Hand, Assistant Division Manager


Damon Purdy, Assistant Division Manager/Mechanic

Adam Weaver, Assistant Division Manager

Greg Holmes, Crew Leader Electrician

Chuck Hyde, Crew Leader

Shane McElwee, Crew Leader

Enoch Statham, Crew Leader

Brett Clements, Crew Leader

Maxie Rayburn, Crew Leader

Russell Barwick, Crew Leader

Bradley Cooper, Equipment Operator


Jay Salines, Equipment Operator

Erick Carr, Equipment Operator


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