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Unified Football

Check out our general information link below for updated football information.

Early Registration: Jan. 1 to July 7: $65
Regular Registration: July 8 to Aug. 4: $80
Last-chance Registration: Aug. 5 to Aug 9: $110

Jr. Pee Wee (5-6):
Flag Football

-Early Registration: $65
-Regular Registration: $80
-Late Registration: $110

Pee Wee:  (7-8):
-Early Registration: $65
-Regular Registration: $80
-Late Registration: $110

Mites: (9, 10 & 11):

-Early Registration: $65
-Regular Registration: $80
-Late Registration: $110

Age Control Date:
Age on or before September 1, 2024.

The flag football program is played through the NFLPlay program and teams may or may not be “true school” teams. Flag football games could be played at North Floyd Football or Riverview Football.

Pee Wee and Mites football will be played at Riverview Football and the Boys and Girls Club of West Rome.

Youth football is conducted jointly by the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation and the Boys and Girls Club of Northwest Georgia.

Teams are formed based on ages and school currently attending. Each football division has weight limits for running backs and receivers, all players above the limits are designated as linemen. Each playing division has a minimum playing requirement of six plays for each participant.
Football Player Weigh-Ins
Every football player must be weighed once prior to the start of the season.
Weigh-Ins are facilitated at the West Rome Boys & Girls Club at 100 Gadson Street, Rome, Ga. 30165.
Weigh-In schedules will be determined at a later date and provided to each head coach.
Weight Changes

The Unified Football Committee met on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023 and updated some weight restrictions for the upcoming fall football season.


The maximum weight for a Pee Wee player (7-8 year old) to run the ball has been changed to 90 pounds.


The maximum weight for an 11-year-old to play Mites has been changed to 135 pounds. This weight restriction only applies to 11 year olds.


The maximum weight for a Mites Play (9 to 11 years old) to run the ball has been changed to 110 pounds.

Gate Fees: Cost to enter games at the Riverview Football Complex and the Boys and Girls Club is $3 per person regardless of age. 
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