Rome Aerials Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis each month and opens the second Monday of the preceding month.

A spot is not secured in a class until payment is made in full.

Prices are per month.

Registration for February classes begins: Monday, January 11

Explorers 18mo-2yo (Co-ed): 45min, $59

(Parent-Child Class)

Wednesday 5:45

Friday 5:30

***Adults must wear masks at all times

3/4-year-old Comets (Co-ed): 45min, $59

Monday 4:15, 4:55

Tuesday 4:25, 5:25, 6:25

Thursday 4:15, 5:10, 6:30

5-6 old Meteorites (Co-ed): 1hr, $65

Monday 5:15

Tuesday 4:15, 5:20

Thursday 5:15, 6:00

Boys Fitness & Tumble (ages 7+): 1hr, $65

Wednesday 4:05



-Sessions run month to month, with classes beginning the first day of each month and running through the last.  Registration is first come, first serve each month and opens the SECOND Monday of the preceding month.  A spot is not secured in a class until payment is made in full, regardless if the attendee was enrolled in the class the previous month.  Prices are per month.

*ALL CLASS TIMES are subject to change. Please review your receipt to confirm your class day and time.

Aerials 1 (ages 6+): 1hr, $65

Monday 6:20

Tuesday 4:00, 6:15

Wednesday 4:45, 6:15

Thursday 4:00, 5:25

Aerials 2 (ages 6+): 1hr, $65

Monday 5:45

Tuesday 5:15

Wednesday 5:10

Thursday 4:10

Aerials 3,4/5 (ages 6+): 1.5hr, $75

Tuesday 6:20

Tumbling (Co-ed ages 7+): 1hr, $65

Friday 4:25

Tot Time (Walking-5yo): 2hr, $6/ visit

(Parent Supervised Play)

Monday 12:30-2:30pm

Friday 12:30pm-2:30pm

Open gym (6-12 years): 2hr, $10/visit

(Instructor Supervised Play)

Every SECOND & LAST FRIDAY of the month 6:30pm-8:30pm

(Sign-in Opens @ 6:00)

For information about Recreational Gymnastics, contact Jenna McCollum at or email

1 Shorter Ave

Rome, GA 30165

Tel: 706.291.0766

Fax: 706.235.3936


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