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Parky's Polar Treats ready to visit local parks, facilities

After a long day of walking the trails, playing at the playground and having general fun at Ridge Ferry Park, Parky the squirrel, one of two of RFPRA’s furry mascots, likes nothing better than to enjoy a cool, polar treat.

As the weather is turning warmer and the days are getting longer, Parky advised his friends at Parks and Recreation it would be a good idea to have treats available to all ages at local parks.

Out of this ingenious squirrel’s idea was born Parky’s Polar Treats, a mobile Snow ball vending truck which will visit parks, ballfields, the Northside Swim Center, camps and centers during the warmer months.

The grand opening of Parky’s Polar Treats is this Friday, March 12 at Ridge Ferry Park starting at 11 a.m. Parky himself will be on hand as will Parks and Recreation staff to serve up the delectable, frozen treats that come in six fun flavors.

The flavors include pina colada, cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape and tiger blood. Don’t worry. No actual tigers were harmed to get tigers blood which isn’t actual blood but a delicious mixture of flavors which Rex, the RFPRA dog mascot, prefers to eat.

“When Parky came to us with this idea, we were super excited,” RFPRA Director Todd Wofford says. “He and Rex have done a lot of good work for us already, and we think the public will truly appreciate and enjoy Parky’s Polar Treats.”

The treats come in two sizes, medium and large. The medium sells for $2 while the large is $3. Only cards are accepted. No cash.

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